Baldrics & Sashes

Baldrics & Sashes

We are proud to be able to provide, for our customers, baldrics for any organization who may wish to purchase one.

The basic package includes the blank baldric, plus two crest for $350.00.

Each additional crest after, is $20.00.

Shipping and handling and applicable taxes will be added depending on delivery location. Mailing address is needed to calculate the shipping costs and taxes. Cheque, Money order, Visa or MasterCard is acceptable. Please note that it takes 8 to 12 weeks to proceed with an order.

The top fabric of the baldric is done in felt and can be done generally in the colour your choice. The reverse side of the baldric is done in leatherette and with Velcro strips to hold the baldric together and so that it can adjust for the size. All the crests are done by hand embroidery in floss and gold and silver bullion. There is no machine embroidery.

You have the option of choosing how many gold stripes you wish. On the baldrics with two stripes there is a narrow satin ribbon in between. Our baldrics generally have a blue satin ribbon in the center but you can have the colour of your choice.

To place an order we will need to have clear colour artwork, preferably as a scanned picture. But if you mail a colour picture, that is okay as well. If there is a particular colour for the felt it would be helpful to have a sample piece of fabric to obtain the correct colour.

Please specify the following:

A) Colour of fringe & braid (Gold or Silver)

B) Colour of felt background (Navy blue, Air Force blue, black, maroon, green, etc.)

C) List of crests you wish to have embroidered on the baldric.

D) Any other pertinent information which will help us to give you an accurate quote.

For more information on the appropriate dress for Drum Majors and other useful information on being a Drum Major see the following website DRUMMAJOR of the Regimental Drum Major Association.

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